Scale up your startup

with large businesses


About the program


Poland Prize by AdVentures is a program designed for startups and teams wanting to do business in Poland and scale it. We are working with a set of big companies that can become customers of the teams that we will work with. By joining our experts and those of our partners we want to give startups the best chance to succeed!

Program is supported by the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development.

You have a solution for industry? Interested in finding a customer among biggest companies in Poland and some of the biggest in Europe? Get a 50k equity-free grant to support implementation and additional 12k in expert services to help you get established and adjust your solution to fit customer’s need.

Soon we are starting our roadtrips through CEE, Israel and Kazakhstan to find the best startups.

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We are the team experienced in working with large corporations and startups from CEE. We have been working with Deutsche Telekom subsidiaries across Central, Eastern and Southern Europe, Orange, Olimp Laboratories and many others. We have been designing acceleration programs funded with private and public money. We provide corporations and VCs with scouting and implementation services. We help startups in finding and assessing investors.

The Polish Agency for Enterprise Development (PARP) is involved in the implementation of national and international programmes financed from the EU structural funds, state budget and multiannual programmes of the European Commission. As a key authority responsible for creating a business-friendly environment in Poland, PARP contributes to the creation and effective implementation of the state policy related to enterprise, innovation and staff adaptability.

What we are offering

up to


equity-free grant

up to


in expert services

one of


large companies as your customers

We are looking for

Startups or teams who


Have a solution or a working prototype that can be tested and implemented

Scale Up

Want to scale up their business with large businesses



Majority of shares must be held by non-Polish citizens

Where do you need to be?

Stage and product

For us to be able to provide you with the best acceleration program, ideally you would have already:

  • a working prototype
  • some research to prove your technology is working
  • customers.

If you will be able to provide us with a prototype or way to verify your solution during our roadtrip or at the application stage that would give you a great advantage!

Participation in Poland Prize by Ad Ventures requires being in Poland for the duration of the program and launching your product as well as registering a legal entity in Poland.

We are looking for startups from following


Biotechnology icon


New Materials icon

New Materials

Energy icon


Industry 4.0 icon

Industry 4.0

Electromobility icon


Chemistry icon


Space Technologies icon

Space Technologies

We will post more information about our partners’ needs and interest soon. If you want to be up to date follow us on facebook!

Our roadtrip

1 month, 2 teams, 14 countries

Our team will be travelling a lot to find the best teams for our program. During our roadtrip we will visit following countries:

  • Ukraine
  • Belarus
  • Lithuania
  • Latvia
  • Estonia
  • Czech Republic
  • Slovakia
  • Hungary
  • Romania
  • Bulgaria
  • Croatia
  • Slovenia
  • Israel
  • Kazakhstan

Follow us on our facebook profile for latest updates on our trip. If you are a startup from these countries and you would like to know more about Poland Prize and the way how we can cooperate send us a message. We would be happy to meet you and answer any questions!

We are concentrating our scouting mainly on Central and Eastern Europe as well as Israel and Kazakhstan but we are happy to meet and work with teams from any location in the world.

What you get?

Money and services

Every startup accepted into the program will receive:

  • up to €50k equity-free grant in cash,
  • up to€12k in expert services to help you get established and adjust your solution to fit your potential big customer’s needs,
  • access to special dedicated VISA track if needed,
  • tickets to Poland,
  • hotel and pocket money for first weeks in Poland,
  • help in registering a legal entity in Poland,
  • help in renting a flat in Warsaw,
  • access to infrastructure of big company,
  • possibility of investment, purchase or revenue share agreement with big company,
  • possibility of investment from Polish VC funds.

Participation in Poland Prize by Ad Ventures requires being in Poland for the duration of the program and launching your product as well as registering a legal entity in Poland.


I get qualified to the program, what now?

1. You and your team members (up to 3) will get a free ticket to Poland. If you need a VISA, we will provide you with access to a special dedicated VISA track and so you will get it in a fast and convenient way.

2. After arriving in Poland we will help you to set up a legal entity here (it is crucial because after that we will be able to transfer the grant money). For the duration of the formalities we will provide you with a place to stay and some pocket money.

3. We will work with you and with experts from chosen big company on a plan how to implement your product or service in their company. Base on that plan we will transfer you money and provide services of experts (for e.g. lawyers, tax advisors, business advisors, marketing specialists, technical experts, etc.).

4. For 4 months you will work with experts from big company, visit their offices and factories, production lines, laboratories and work on test implementation. We will assist you on every step and help you if there any problems appear.

5. We will provide you possibilities to attend the biggest conferences in Poland and organize big Demo Day at the end of the program.

6. When program ends, we will present you with possibilities of investment from our network (VCs and Angel Investors) or EU programs available in Poland in post-acceleration.

7. After finishing acceleration we will help you to sign a paid agreement with big company you cooperated with.


We are working with

Our vision of acceleration program is based on synergy between startups and big companies. We want to accelerate the scaling of innovative products by taking advantage of potential of established enterprises. Check out the big companies that are working with us in this acceleration program:

Grupa Azoty

The second largest producer of mineral fertilisers and third of the compound fertilisers in European Union, 5th in the ranking of most attractive global chemical companies for investors in BCG report and 32nd most influential entity on the global chemical market in ICIS TOP 40 Power Players.

Areas of interest:

fertilizers, new materials, plastics, environmental protection, catalysts, agricultural and industrial chemistry, energy, energy storage, electromobility, new materials in construction, industrial automation, industry 4.0. (IIoT, cybersecurity), material engineering


Olimp Laboratories

Polish pharmaceutical company, one of the largest producers on the European market of supplements and OTC drugs. Only in the last 10 years it has invested 315 million PLN in new technologies and development.

Areas of interest:

supplements, medicines, cosmetics, veterinary medicine and medical-sports devices, werables



The largest in Poland and one of the European leaders in the paraffin market, a producer and distributor of refined, deodorized paraffins, waxes and industrial paraffin products.

Areas of interest:

Industry 4.0. (IIoT), cyber security, chemistry, new materials



A French telecommunications company, one of the largest such enterprises in Europe.

Areas of interest:

Internet of Things (IoT), Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)



A publicly traded insurance company, one of the largest financial institutions in Poland and one of the top insurance companies in Central and Eastern Europe.

Areas of interest:

Internet of Things (IoT), Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)


How to get to the program

4 Simple Steps

Fill the form

On the bottom of this page (link) you will find a simple form you need to fill. Till 30th October but doing it earlier increases your chances.


To be selected to the program your product/service need to be in synergy with one of our Big Companies.


If you will pass first 2 steps you will be invited for an interview with us (skype, houngouts, whatever works for you). We will give you feedback and ask you questions.


Last step is to pitch your solution in front of experts from Big Companies and anwser their questions.

Reviews of applications

We will review and recommend startups to our corporate partners on following dates, apply early to maximize your chance: October 15th, October 30th, November 15th.

First round





Arrival in Poland


Cooperation with Big Partners, funding and help of mentors and experts


Apply till 30th of November


What happens when program ends?

After completing the program you can work further with us in a form of post-acceleration program. We can support you finding further more clients or further financing.


by filling the form or contact us on

The most important is your pitchdeck. If you don’t have, please write a short description of your project.
If your pitchdeck is too large or not supported type apply via email