New companies are a future of innovative product.

Huge disruptions made by corporations are things of the past. Today the world proves that the best ideas grown fastest as a common effort of just a few people who form small organisations - Startups. 90% of the startups fail within 5 years but if they can survive they can rise the capital and grow fast.

Why startups fail

Most common reasons for startup failures
No Market Need
42% Complete
Ran Out of Cash
29% Complete
Not the Right Team
23% Complete
Get Outcompeted
19% Complete
Pricing/Cost Issues
18% Complete
Poor Product
17% Complete
Need/Lack Business Model
17% Complete
Poor Marketing
14% Complete
Ignore Customers
14% Complete
Lose Focus
13% Complete
Disharmony on Team/Investors
13% Complete
Pivot gone bad
10% Complete
No Financing/Investor Interest
8% Complete
Legal Challenges
8% Complete
Don't Use Network/Advisors
8% Complete

How you can avoid failing?

There are few thing you have to remember.

Existing statistics vary on the assessment of failure rate for startups, but it is generally estimated to be around 90 percent. It’s sobering to face the fact that fewer than two one of every 10 new businesses will still be in existence a few years from now. But entrepreneurs are, by definition, optimists, so statistics like this seldom discourage them.

Overall, this is a good thing — after all, there’s no point in starting a company if you don’t believe in your vision. At the same time, it’s sensible to be realistic and address some of the reasons why so many startups fail. As someone who has experienced both successes and failures with startups, we have found that one of the most worthwhile things you can do is make a study of failure.

The following tips are taken both from our experience and from studying some high-profile startup failures in recent history. To avoid problems early on beware of launching too early while having too many bugs unfixed, being underfunded (or overfunded), ignoring what your customers want and learning from others’ mistakes.

How we can help you?

We help to plan, design, build and find market product fit.

To successfully address the problems you may be facing when working on your project we can use both our experience and knowledge as well as specialist skills from our extensive network. We are assessing each project individually and based on that we can provide a set of services that will fit the case in most efficient manner.

Our services

You can choose from a range of options and combine them to fit you the best.

Business consulting

We are providing consulting for business set up and expansion. We'll guide you through the process of raising funds, preparing VC pitches and establishing a sustainable business model.


Raising funds can be a challenge. There's a wide range of financing opportunities out there. We are working with Business Angels, VCs, Seed funds and Accelerators. We can support you in negotiations to ensure you will get the best and safest deal possible.

Market overview

Your product`s success is measured not only by how well the product functions are designed, but mostly – by how well this product serves your customers and the value they perceive from their experience. We can help you to ensure that.


Your product`s success is measured not only by how well the product functions are designed, but mostly – by how well this product serves your customers and the value they perceive from their experience. We can help you to ensure that.


We can optimize your website and ensure that it will be on top when your customers is looking for product or service. Our partner is a professional SEO Agency which can design individual offer for you to go along with the development of the project.

Interim management

Portfolio companies struggling with delivering milestones or managerial skills? We can provide an interim manager who will assist in getting the project in right tracks.


We have a network of freelancers and small agencies that can produce content for marketing purposes, project briefs, design, development – we can connect you with the necessary talent to take your concept to its full potential.


We can help you with choosing appropriate form for your business, establishing the company both in Poland and Slovakia and protect your Intellectual Property – the greatest treasure of the company.


Developing startup acceleration programme? Interested in training for your portfolio companies? We have runned workshops on finance, legal, market development and others for Accelerators and Programmes like Founders Institute.

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About Us

Everything you need to know about our Company

We are a Poland-based consulting company offering business consulting and fundraising. We assist early-stage startups with strategy, finance and operations, later-stage startups with expansion and innovative projects with fundraising. We can also connect them with corporations and public research institutions.

We help companies master new challenges and invest in the future. With new business models, executive training, innovative marketing, industry outreach and creative networking, along with our partners with legal, accounting and tax services, your enterprise can move to the next level.

We can support investors interested in exploring Polish and Central European startup market.

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